Faulty usb hub caused errors in photo and video transfer

dsc02329For a while I have had problems when transferring photo and video from my camera and video camera, some pictures and most videos had errors in them – strange lines or on videos it was like it lost sync for a second.  Actually I thought my video camera may be defective and blamed Vista for the photo issues (I thought that it might have been caused by Vista trying to create thumbnails while transferring)…  But by pure accident I came to look at my usb cable and discovered that I actually had one with a magnetic protector near the usb plug, I plugged this into the front and viola all noise and errors was gone, but it turns out that it’s actually my usb hub that somehow is messing things up – I suspect it’s because it’s an unpowered version and it may be draining too much power!?

But it’s an important debug step to remember, try a different usb cable in a different usb port..  it may just be your lucky day 😉

(The picture represent how the error in pictures would manifest).

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